Charles MELMAN
Date publication : 24/06/2022
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It was predictable that the transference in regard to Lacan would be organised as in regard to a father. Hadn’t it already been the one that had been manifested in regard to Freud, with the known Oedipal result. In other words, “emancipated” pupils, except in relation to their own self-confidence, collapse of the One in the Other with the subjective cut and which, maintaining the continuity of the symbolic and the real, renders the enunciation unshakeable, in other words mad. Nice result.

It is obvious that Lacan had his idea about treating this homicidal love, for example by multiplying the number of his children—and God knows how prolific he was—so as to incite a hate that was resolutive, a hate that was otherwise reserved for him. The war of each against the others—even if it were through the organisation of groups—was thus another result.

What was at stake was thus to inherit, but if one recalls the only good to be transmitted was an empty purse. Were the seminarians like those of a Franciscan order? There would have needed to be a warning from the outset, that would have avoided some being defrocked, in other words the return to the traditional placings in the family.

Lacan’s illness prevented it from being otherwise, but note that, in no longer addressing himself to the psychoanalysts at the time of his last seminars, and testify that he no longer expected anything.

His relation with me was a little different because he knew that I was not invested in the placing of father of the family, and expected precisely nothing. But a deranged person in the race for the throne made him believe that I participated by wanting to share the seat with him, made a false claim by taking advantage of the illness of the testator, which moreover seems quite disgusting to me.

Condemned to silence and without being able to refute the manipulation, I was led to play heads or tails. What was Lacan going to do then? I never reproached him for his narcissism which he no doubt needed, and which made him believe that he was the only one in relation to the psychoanalytic cause, even if finding myself exposed to the risk of a loss of his confidence could not seem to me to be the best outcome. This loss was moreover only transitory, but his resolution too late to be efficacious.


Charles Melman
13 June 2022
Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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