News from the affront

Charles MELMAN
Date publication : 22/06/2022
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News from the affront


It seems like the screenwriters for the current Ukrainian series have committed a crude error by, from the outset, endeavouring to stage extreme situations at the risk of no longer being able to exploit the implicit themes without running the risk of discouraging spectators who are too saturated and fatigued.

Luckily there remains the enigma of the motivation which triggered the characters and might possibly sustain a suspense that, it has to be said, is the first thing that is threatened in this war. Effectively, it is difficult to judge the consequences upon the populations who will spend their summer in front of screens dedicated to the same shots and the same stories to the point of being stoned [stone], when after all of that they will have to go back to work in September. And will they be motivated to do that? Allow me to put forward a question: what if this were the secret aim of the “special operation”, a totally new type of psychological war, managing to disgust everyone with the idea of going outside, thus paralysing the Western world. That’s the end of the end.

We have to say that we saw in magazines the photos of little Ras-Putin—or Fed-up-with-Putin—a nice fresh little girl, a gymnast moreover, like Eva Braun was some time ago. In short, what we resent about this charming darling is not in the head, but in the… We don’t know because there is no plan for that in the scenario. This is really mainspring of the enigma. It’s enough to finish this series with games, like the Olympic Games, with the stands full of crowds who could beat each other up or cut each other’s throats, but without destroying towns.

In this difficult context there is nonetheless some good news. Having discovered a case of Covid in his country, the leader of North Korea shot a ballistic missile. Congratulations, and let’s hope his aim was good.


   Charles Melman
20 May 2022
Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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