Charles MELMAN
Date publication : 19/05/2022
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux
Sous dossier : En anglais




Freud, despite his enthusiasm and that of his pupils, must have experienced the inability of psychoanalysis to bring the slightest improvement that one might hope for, to the spirit and to the social organisation. Even if he was led to characterise his fellows as “riffraff” (I give my thanks in advance to whoever tells me what the term he used in German was) and the history of the movement around him was that of permanent revisions that were made to destabilise and discredit him. Let us recognise that to have to put his intellectual legacy into the hands of one of his daughters—analysed by himself and moreover lesbian, obsessional moreover to the point at which it is not permissible—testifies to a paranoia that marks the doctrine.

Lacan of course learned the lesson from the situation that he immediately had to suffer, but, despite the extraordinary breath of fresh air introduced by his advances, he was no more successful and the lesson from his work as well as that of the groups that exploit it seems no better.

Apart from my own? If we take stock of the sombre looks and the sombre prognoses of those whose eyes are fixed upon my future, or even worse my person, everything is already buggered.

Well, let’s start with my person. It is distinguished by what has been its inability to take off from the point to which we were led in order to approach the question: is the symptom the fate of the speaking being?

To judge by our results: certainly. But perhaps it is especially mine, yours, of which, if only for FUN, there is so much to do. Thus I can only hope that FUN is the director of future investments. That will necessarily give me reason to rejoice.


Charles Melman
2022 04 27
Traduction faite par Mickael Plastow

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