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Charles MELMAN
Date publication : 21/03/2022
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux
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At home


It is likely that the new generations, being familiar with the Internet, are able to be astonished that territorial possession is still a marker of potency and for which, in order to guarantee it, one engages in war. Competition today is effectively first of all technological and dependency is tied, for instance, to the possession of the means of communication.

Technical progress has thus become the pursuit of war by other means, such that we are astonished that surprising territorial claims can, at the same time, expose us to the risk of reciprocal fatal destruction, an anachronism. It’s true that the interested parties — China and Russia — the stranglehold on Taiwan, or currently on the Ukraine, has primarily a symbolic value, the swing of world power to the benefit of the old losers.

A remark nonetheless to straighten things out by bringing us back to our foundations: if “freedom” signifies that, left to the possible expressions of the subject, therefore hysterical, do we have to defend it whilst a word that is servile because marked by an identificatory common trait is equivalent in its failure, that of establishing a sexual relation? But with one particularity nonetheless — you will see that this editorial perhaps has a sense — which is that in this case, servility, the acceptance of being a living-dead, a one which is at once of this world and of the Other, still agitated or already stiff because the discourse that he articulates precedes him and gives him his organ, without even expecting of him the potential sacrifice that allows the discourse of the master to continue to hum along.

I have the impression of not being funny and, like at the end of our colloquium, of opposing the praising of the discourse of the master with hysterical unbridling. And since neither of the two paths can be satisfying nor bring anything at all, then to emphasise the interest of the analytic discourse, that which does not succeed in being articulated because of breaking out of the semblant: go and make do with it. In other words, seek in Lacan how he himself wrestled with it, at a time when war was raging in Europe, and without having the certainty that he had responded any better.

See you soon, I hope.


Charles  Melman
5 March 2022
Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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