Love of stones

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 06/01/2022
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Love of stones


Whilst the l’Ecole Freudienne had been dissolved, and in 1980 Lacan’s illness was approaching its end, his future heirs judged that the premises of the Ecole, its members and its publications were part of the inventory which, just like the clock on the mantelpiece and the silver teaspoons, belonged to them. The manager of the body corporate of the Ecole was thus the object of various pressures such that 69 rue Claude Bernard would be devolved upon them thanks to a lease drawn up by them, a remarkable legal document, which dispossessed the members who by right were the owners, to the exclusive and personal benefit of the genius of the organisation who was thus preparing its future.

It happened that the said manager, bad tempered no doubt, thought he should refuse this act of treason and put the sale of those walls to a unanimous vote by the members, not without Judith and Gloria framing Lacan, who was glued to a phone on the line to the manager, intimating to the aphasic: “Tell him to sign! Tell him to sign!”. The poor old bloke imitated a spluttering.

This passionate affair, likely to have been decisive for the future of psychoanalysis in the world, would have remained there if the pressure exerted upon Lacan had not induced him, in order to relieve it, to compose a document in which the manager was qualified as a “wretch”, before being followed by some propositions regarding an organisation to come, testifying to a dementia that invalidated any possible publication. That’s why this document has been gathering dust for 40 years in a drawer, counterproductive moreover in so far as the witnesses that it cites are still alive.

No doubt some finicky minds will be astonished that today’s edition of a wad destined to “resuscitate” Lacan includes a text that is only distinguished by the condemnation of this rebellious manager. Exegetes will surely organise a conference with the aim of analysing why this paper clarifies the teaching of the master and makes its better known.

Ah!, and I forgot: the manager was me.

Charles Melman

14 December 2021


Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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