The mutants

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 29/11/2021
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The mutants


The current cultural change — or mutation — offers a deciphering of an exceptional quality to those inspired by Lacan’s teaching, It is effectively about the evidence of the decomposition of the name of the father, which became the guarantor of values that yesterday were representative of what was honourable, and today what is shameful. On your knees, to ask forgiveness. For what? For sex of course, and every day the victims unveil the residual wounds, lesions, traumata, abuse, et cetera.

If it were not for the consequences, we could believe that there is an end of treatment collective, an end to any possibility of transference, resulting from if not encouraged by Freudianism, and which illustrates the current repusiation of any literary culture, the end of rhetoric and thus of elites. Therfore no more discourse, but gibberish that has become the index, not of truth — outdated and devoid of interest — but of authenticity. The question remains nonetheless of knowing which one, since this topical regression henceforth confronts the ego with an other, by engaging it in a competition of which alienation is all the more lively since it is not symmetrical and shared. To be factual for a moment let us note that from the powerful movement called the gilets jaunes, no leader was able to emerge from it, and that our President is renowned less for his authority then for his submissions to popular demands.

Do you see where I’m going? The correction — made to the field of the Other — of the traditional paternal agency henceforth exposes it to a submission whose benefits nonetheless will never be collectively or individually satisfying.

Such that the current mutation is tired less to the end of transference than its deferral to an agency that is no longer phallic but neutral: all henceforth are of the third sex. And from then on, if each one no longer knows what they want, for them there will remain gibberish, the expression of an ego demand, waiting for a saviour who is no longer developmental but political.

Who, from Sparta or from Athens, will win today?

Charles Melman

 08 11 2021


Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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