Love Ur? [Vous aime our ?]

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 29/11/2021
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Love Ur? [Vous aime our ?]


I said to my friends engaged in politics at least 2 or 3 years ago, that, without fail, an unknown person would emerge for the presidential election and would win it. Against the beneficiaries of globalisation or even sino-isation One would be opposed who would make heard the voice of those suffering from their last goods: their identity, undermined or even reduced to excusing itself.

Thus original fact is that this intruder is Jewish, not even bothered to try to make heard the voice of France, threatened with dissolution by the famous “at the same time” to which we would need to add, in order to be explicit, “in the same space”.

The funny thing about this is that there is another one of the same type, and just as popular, but which plays out in another space. Stéphane Bern, Bernstein by birth, recounted how his love for royal Courts came to him from the action of the Great Duke of Luxembourg — Stéphane’s native land — during the war, in order to protect his Jews.

We could also note that in the intellectual field it is yet another Jew, a member of the Academy this time, who uses all the means he can to defend the threatened national values.

During the First World War an appeal was made to Africans. Now it is the Jews who man the trenches without anyone asking anything of them, voluntaries. Obstinately wanting to defend the very origin, even if it is not theirs: UR, the mythical town where Abraham was born, but tail, perhaps mythical as well in Greek, and in German the prefix that marks a return to the origin, to the primitive, to that which is first.

With the liquidation of the transference, Freud made an end of the treatment from the dissipation of this illusion, Lacan taught nothing different, including this origin that he was able to entertain with his own person in psychoanalysis.

In the current context of the dissolution of identity that signifies the cleaning up of its place for a future occupant, what would Lacan have said ?

Ch. Melman  25 Oct. 21


Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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