I beg your pardon

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 13/10/2021
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux
Sous dossier : En anglais


I beg your pardon


We will have to ask the Bureau to open the register of those who beg pardon on our website. Who has not sinned and thus harmed his neighbour? Besides, given the state the latter is in, it must have been a big sin. You might object that it is no longer a question of a moral misdeed but a physical one, and that the damages pertain to a civil, and no longer an ethical code. The punishment must be weighted accordingly and condemn the guilty party to expulsion and social death, and not just an ordinary internal torment which one manages to turn into a source of jouissance, the whole attraction of this offence. You will note that your obligatory request for a pardon will not be satisfied, but will be judged as equivalent to a confession, calling for the guillotine.

That is how a finally purified society is announced, in this case cleansed of sex, which does us so much harm, or better stated, it is evil itself. There will still be objectors who say that this is the very principle of totalitarian societies: to subject the moral rule to the law of the City. But won’t its success be achieved in finally establishing a perfect equality, by replacing the water closets that continue to place the man-woman division side by side, with perfectly neutral ones?

I hope that with these speculations I won’t discredited as a “feminist”, hauled on to my place on the saddle of my horse, although, let’s note that it is a situation that has always curried a certain favour, such that we might wonder if the current purge did not relate to the traditional war between the sexes.

I can’t take the risk of replying, but I do beg you pardon me if I have annoyed you.


Ch. Melman

2021 10 08


Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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