How to successfully neuroticise the relation

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 07/06/2021
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How to successfully neuroticise the relation


We are very amusing in calling “adults”, those who regulate their essential relations—with others, with sex, with exchanges, with themselves—on the model imposed upon them during their stuffed-up childhood. You think you are contemporary and treat the problem of the day, and you discover that you are the same dirty kid. Dirty because you learned to thumb your nose at any authority, without grasping that, if it were the right one, it would have opened up the possibility of a more interesting relation, to the object, once you were an “adult”, that is.

The modern Oedipus heroically spends his time defying a father who is already dead, and notes that he finds himself all naked and just good for castrating as soon as he manages to obliterate his tomb. Halleluiah. But what is frankly funny is seeing the products of Sigmund or of Jacques-Marie [Lacan], in the cloakroom where they could have jettisoned their little boys’ pants, pulled the hems down around the ankles with rage, in order to make others believe that their victory—the clearing out of the field of the Other of any prescriptive agency—freed up the place that can now be occupied by their Ego, which of course has come repair the inadequacies of the one prior, which rhymes with predator.

Let us rejoice that it is unthinkable for us here, where we will never see pupils, forewarned by the age of he the one will have followed as a master, preoccupied with carving out the chunks of their future exploitation. Thus they will have learned from him, he himself a pupil of Sigmund and Jacques-Marie, that the only exploitation is that of s…—which is precisely what is called capitalism—and that its decomposition leaves only the unleashing of the storm in the place of familiar authority. I must have recounted that 20 years ago in The Weightless Man, in other words, he who no longer knows what to turn around. In this case he sets off, and God knows where he will get to—the price he will agree to pay for that to turn once more.


Ch. Melman

24 May 2021


Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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