I thought I discovered something

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 08/01/2021
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I thought I discovered something


How to live after the liquidation of the transference, in other words according to the explicit moral law that comes to automatically take the speaker by the hand.
In reality, this presumed liquidation proves to be possible, in so far as it is the affects, love and hate, produced by this passion, that up to this point were deferred onto the members of the entourage, and that the successful preservation of the provocative instance of the One just imparts another face upon it: that of the bastard [salaud]. (1)
Between ourselves, doesn’t the latter pertain to the category of the one who seeks first and foremost to perpetuate his own existence at the price of the extortion and accumulation of the most precious goods of his creatures and thus teaches them the lesson of how to behave themselves, using himself as example, sex itself becoming for him the object of a war of appropriation?
What can seem comic is that in culture today the shipwreck of the paternal figure effectively leads to that of the authority of the traits of the perfect bastard, perfectly identified by the crowds and as such brought to power. Trump, whose deleterious effects upon the behaviour of citizens are far from over, was more easily elected the first time without the epidemic. Putin is voted for by his people. In China, it is only those whose calling is that of the martyr who cast doubt on the moral integrity of Xi Jinping. In short, if authority was once the guardian of the law, today it is the promotion of what was called delinquency. Even our judges participate in this ambiance.
It is there that I believe I have discovered something, but it would take too long to explain it so I will recount it to you at a later date.
Happy New Year, of course.
Charles Melman
2021 01 05

(1) The specified qualifier that escapes from any moral law.


Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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