We are no longer being served

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 12/10/2020
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We are no longer being served


Yeah, that’s right. Obliged to go and search for people without documents in order to find people who still feel obliged. But otherwise, as soon as you are registered, there you are amongst the masters. All sexes mixed together, of course. The three that now exist. Because now I can get myself registered without being one or the other. And then there’s the question now asked by learned people: in this case what founds the one that is specific to gathering people together. In any case in order to no longer be hampered, slowed down, or prevented from realising what we want. Otherwise put, to be able to depend upon an authority that delegates all power to us, or otherwise put, that commits suicide.

But is this not the fate of authority in democracies today, with the aim of being direct, or of having a permanent referendum?

In this note I can’t stop using the adverb “otherwise”. That guides us. Because what it’s all about, in the end, is eliminating the Other, alterity, heteros, more and more rotten. As Lacan said, society will become that of segregation. Each one a stranger to the one who has become his identical, his likeness, a master like him. And whilst we are in the process of strangerfying ourselves in television “debates”, there are Chinese in the elevator. With the recipe for knowing, after having been coolies for centuries, how to settle in on the back seat and how to be blown (up). By strangers.

Charles Melman 

18 September 2020


Traduction faite par Michael Plastow


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