Ieditorial [Jedito]

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 22/07/2020
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Ieditorial [Jedito]
The sense of my missives is nothing more than bringing out how much Lacan’s teaching allows the readability of the strange phenomena that fracture our culture, and thus orients us as to our conduct or the positions to be taken up. Taken up if one reckons that the false-holes invalidate the actions that they incite and transform alienation into slavery.
Let us consider at our expense the recurrent theme of equality.
Once it had its political sense in the combat of the third estate with the aristocracy. Plunged into economic, social, and conjugal relations, today it becomes deleterious since it resuscitates the fantasm of a society of masters (the dick for all), and it opens the bed of tyranny: death to the other, death to the Other. Long live the boss!, which makes us all identical.
It is not by chance that I choose this theme because, since Vienna, analytical communities in-waiting are haunted by being deprived of the at-least-one that would legitimise their concepts. Henceforth candidates are pressed to recommend the magic key that would open the can of sardines: because we are hungry for the boss who would allow us to be pressed cosily together, as egalitarians.
And regarding he who finds himself delegated to the place of at-least-one to remind us of these truths, let’s hurry to reduce him to 0, with the end of, in the end, really resuscitating a murder of the One who was only the product of a general will.
I was saying this recently in a discussion with Safouan at Espace Analytique: Oedipus was a sad case and the mother is only the object of desire because she finds herself detained. Not by the father, poor devil, but by the very structure of desire. Go and live with your mother, and you will see what happens.
I am recounting all of that which, by the way, is well known, in order to say that the signatory of the editorials is not the author but the product. It is for that reason that it is legitimate — once again, the law of language — for them to be henceforth signed in their real name, like the one that follows…
10 July 2020
Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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