Passage to Absurdia

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 15/06/2020
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux
Sous dossier : En anglais


Passage to Absurdia
The diffuse threat of death, the risk of shortages, and the dangerousness of one’s neighbour have brought about a climate well known to those who lived through the last war. It differs however by virtue of the long-winded or even joyous exaltation by which opinion is grasped, and the multiplication of advice, as if the lockdown were more of an opportunity to experience one’s singularity than that of sharing a common fate. Death thus appears like a lottery, and not egalitarian. In this way we are witness to an explosion of demands from different categories of workers who are indifferent to the fact that their satisfaction depends upon a general interest.
The only one to give testimony were the nurses and doctors, even more meritorious given that they seem to have relinquished their hierarchy and only count upon their improvisations.
Also in this domain, and despite the presidential announcement that we were at war, the lack of a direction of operations was patent.
Death itself seems to no longer be accepted as an authority but to be a sort of beast that one can amuse oneself by defying it.
What can we conclude from this, but the uncertainty of what makes the real ordinarily empties out the call for a sovereign authority. This has always been the solution of populism. Denise, who is kind enough to type out this text, tells me that I am repeating myself. No doubt, and I hope that it will only be me…
Ch. Melman
29 May 2020
Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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