MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 12/05/2020
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It seems that we are currently witnessing a renewal of religious sentiment, and that the sudden increase in the sale of pregnancy tests allows us to presage a baby-boom in nine months’ time. The church had not foreseen that it was enough for places of worship to be closed to make them desirable once again, and that the abusive presence of death can give a price to life.
Thus we once again desire what has been subtracted, unless it is a question of calling for an authority which was judged irresponsible for not being able to satisfy.
Unless it is the disappointment caused by science—the shrieking debate between its representatives and the anguish that it incites—that favours the return of the values of… Daddy.
The whimsical lethality of the virus, it is polymorphous expressions, its ability to thwart immunological defences, by default, through inadequacy or through excess, reducing everyone to being but one in a whole, without particularity, countable, and nothing more. Only good to be counted among the deceased, or those who remain.
The filial behaviour reported above would thus testify to a return of the subject and of his wish, to be recognised by the father and beneficiary of his authority. All and not all remaining to be done once again, it’s worth the trouble.
Ch. M.
4 May 2020
Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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