Intellectual Isolation

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 04/05/2020
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Intellectual Isolation


We never managed to make up our minds on what is the cause of good, but on the other hand we regularly end up agreeing upon what is judged to be the cause of evil. It happens that today — and who will deny the evidence? — it is called: virus.

Invisible in the field of representations other than by the harm that it engenders, it seeped in without you knowing it, master of the game since it commands behaviours, isolating each one in the intimacy of his singularity, it decides upon life and death according to its whim, without us knowing very well how to appease it.

I know some people who are haunted by seeing in it, the unexpected duplication of the psychical agency called phallic, which was master up until this point, and that the mercantile society has now foreclosed, and from which with this little beastie it has released, immediate presence which is no longer symbolic.

The very same ones do not consent to attribute to it the faculty of reading, even though we know that the virus acts by disturbing the syntax of the RNA of its host who will be taken in, amongst other symptoms, by the accelerated authoritarian mumbling which will defy all discourses.

It is striking to see that the countries that pull through it the best of those who have conserved a discourse of the master, the only common trait of their diversity. On the other hand, it will not seem absurd to reserve for the others, the type of isolation to which the promotion of individuality had already doomed them. Around the Internet there is a form of epidemic — a mass capture by the meteoric transmission of fake news for example, and which reaches millions — already active before the co-void. As I’ve already said, watch out for the coming out of isolation that is celebrated by the victory of the general.

21 April 2020
Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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