Macrondabout next line

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 03/04/2020
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux


Macrondabout next line
In 2002 I published a work that is goes right to the foundations in order to show that Man had lost his gravity by virtue of no longer turning the around the object of his fantasm, and, at the price of the infidelity effected upon himself, was allowing himself to have his head turned by the tantalising but artificial object of the marketplace.
The confirmation came 15 years later with the popular precipitation in investing in what could serve as a centre of gravity, no longer private nor mercantile but co-appropriated: the roundabout. It supports a lack that associates desire of need with need of desire, thus mixing the different social classes, now at peace with each other, with a mirror.
I no longer know where I read that the country had spent 80 billion euros to establish these roundabouts in order to transform straight lines into knots; the financial contributors, a little strangled, today demand a return on their investment in order to breathe more easily.
The difficulty is that the government is answering them: no rounds about, and for them to be satisfied being pimps [mac].
How will this all end?
Either we decide, regretfully, to put these roundabouts on the export market since foreign countries are certainly jealous of them; or we have the audacity to transform them into squares, finally resolving the squaring of the circle.
But in a good democracy, this requires a popular referendum initiative as we can predict some other forms: the Putin star, the (yellow) smile of the Chinese president, or even the swastika. But don’t go and suggest the torus, you will be told that you are trying to sell bagels at the very moment that we are trying to have the baguette registered in the immaterial world heritage of Unesco…
So, no Macron about, or the baguette, the stick, for all?
But I no longer know what I am saying, under these strokes, you do perhaps.
P.S.! What is called “populism” is the manipulation of signifiers with the logic “manifestly” of the unconscious, in other words of the dream. Awake sometimes and able to make reality!
C. Melman
09 mai 2019
Traduction en anglais par Michael Plastow

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