A sweet little grandmother, Jewish to boot

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 03/02/2020
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A sweet little grandmother, Jewish to boot


Once upon a time in a building in the 11tharrondissement, there lived a sweet little granny, valued for having been the director of a crèche, qualified with her medical degree, loved for her helpfulness, although she had sometimes been the object of racist insults.

Bloody stupid [connes] as always.

What was Judaism for her? Peaceful at one time, sorrow and nightmares due to memories, the sentiment of duty towards others, worry for the state of Israel, festivals as well…

The bloke who broke into her place in the middle of the night had smoked a bit too much dope, and, having come to throw out Satan, defenestrated her, whilst calling for help for a woman who had just committed suicide, he claimed.

The experts concluded that there had been a temporary disturbance of judgement, and the judge, well-known for his own judgement, avoided the Criminal Court for him by sending him to the psychiatric hospital. It seems that there, having withdrawn from drugs, he is doing well and there seems to be no reason why he should stay there, whilst waiting for the advice of the Appeals Court regarding the possibility of a judgement.

Here then is an ordinary story that about a murderer who is the innocent victim of the accidental lifting of inhibitions of a homicidal racism of which he ends up being acquitted.

Farewell, dear Sarah Halimi, she who was guilty of being born.

C. Melman
22 January 2020
Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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