MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 08/01/2020
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux
Sous dossier : En anglais


Two zero two zero
Two fact illuminate the year that is beginning.
The door of my consulting room is tagged like others, and the release of the book by V.S. intitled “Consent”. The relation between the two is obvious: in both cases it is a question of erasing a way in, taken to be quite honourable up until now, in order to give homage (alas it’s true that there is in this something of man) to sex.
That of the director of the Julliard publishing house recounts, with feeling, how as an adolescent she was seduced by an old German-speaking man, and once she had calmed down she found a way to write, at least in quantity if not in quality. A paedophilia, moreover, on this occasion by an orthodox Christian who was nonetheless imbued with mystical tendencies and whose wrong, which brought about the breakdown of a passionate liaison and was equally productive of writings, is discovered to be less due to perversion than to infidelity.
I confess that it is difficult to be inclined to favour loyalty to a patriarchy that is known to be servile to bloodthirsty authorities composed of obese mitred servants. But the publication of these personal secrets makes one sensitive to our era: the smutty exploitation of a readership that is invited to play the role of judge and doctor (it seems that the delicate descriptions are clinical ones) and summoned to put on the surgeon’s gloves in order to punish the guilty party, with a writing that has become unreadable since it is out of step with speech.
That said, happy 2020.
C. Melman
5 January 2020
Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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