La anti-psychoanalytic cause

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 04/11/2019
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La anti-psychoanalytic cause


An opinion piece published by several newspapers violently attacks psychoanalysis for not being scientific, saying it should no longer be taught at the University. It is signed by a bunch of professors and other jokers, psychologists, ex-psychoanalysts who are finally cured, etc. A passionate militant—“this has to stop!”, she writes—is the source of this campaign that she started a number of years ago in regard to autistic children and which has been rewarded by her nomination to the Légion d’Honneur.

We can’t say that this manifesto brings anything new regarding what was regularly manifested from imperial Vienna and we could congratulate ourselves that our discipline still creates a scandal in a fundamentally bourgeois society, bourgeois bohemianism being it latest version.

In this article nonetheless there is a style that speaks of our era. In the name of science, there are a collection of insults tailor-made to get rid of those who get in the way of your project. Trump is the great master of this technique, founded upon the cheek of the user, to the contempt of the intelligence of the listener and the truth of the facts, but which works. Made in the USA, it has its emulators in our fragile country.

If we were to interrogate the signatories to this libel, we would ask them just one question: can just one amongst them demonstrate that their practice is based upon science? This at least would not be a debate that would not stultify the audience, nor disturb the ministerial offices.

C. Melman
30 October 2019 
Traduction faite par Michael Plastow


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