The ill of Lacan

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 15/10/2019
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The ill of Lacan


Everyone is ill in a different spot, it’s what distinguishes us from others. Lacan, for example, was ill at ease with his peers. It is an essential localisation because it commands your saying, castrated by what it consents to hear and understand, and without which you are taken as mad. He also took some time to endeavour to form his peers who were so disposed, in order to share a hitherto completely new saying with him.

Whence was he speaking, actually? From an emptied out place, of course, from the various places of authority and the stupidities that we habitually attribute to him, in order to protect ourselves from anguish. His justification henceforth could only pertain to the logical organisation of his said, in order to give access to the empty real that one would like to turn into an origin, since we are always seeking one out.

But I’m exaggerating. In the first instance he was ill at ease with himself, with the imbecility of what comes from the unconscious, this thing that doesn’t know the One, but if it is able to imagine one, it turns it into a God. It is thus that with the letter that we will manage to make Onebook, with digital technology we will play from the 0 to the 1, with quantum physics we will stack them up, et cetera.

What is it that I’m trying to say? Egotism readily prevails, perhaps being in the loop of knowing if I myself constitute One? Nonetheless I know the answer: no more or better than Lacan.

C. Melman
3 October 2019


Traduction faite par Michael Plastow

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