Who is the criminal?

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 16/09/2019
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Who is the criminal?
People are right to rise up against feminocide.
Nothing is more outrageous, for example, then to see a lesbian take on a superman style in order to secure the happiness of a creature stuck in the role of the eternal young girl. One might say, ‘watch out, it’s the murder of femininity which is being staged!’ No doubt. But there are some morons in the room who confuse this with the stage itself, and excited by their heroism—expected of them, isn’t it?—who act upon it.
Who wants femininity today, I ask you? Girlfriend [copine], that’s okay, friend [copain] is better; cotenant [colocataire] can be arranged some leisurely evening, co-worker is better and more contemporary. In short, the apology of femininity has done its time, the time of pimply adolescence whose heart is bloated with love. In the face of this mass murder, a lawyer could use, as a defence, the reaction to emasculation that is experienced today by the househusband who is not able to realise his dream, drowned in domestic tasks, shared, in the best case scenario, in order to preserve equality. It’s true that woman is an endangered species for whom we will need many poets to sing in order to preserve her in our memory.
C. Melman
6th September 2019
Traduction en anglais par Michael Plastow

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