MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 02/05/2019
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The cathedral goes up in flames whilst the church is bleeding. Its flames symbolise the stake to which the paedophile priests, or more simply those who didn’t report them are tied.
A few years ago some revelations regarding the Vatican’s finances reminded us that money can corrupt the very ones who are charged with these holy responsibilities.
Mais les accusations de pédophilie ont une autre portée. D’abord parce qu’il est connu que les communautés masculines sont l’abri ordinaire, souvent définitif, contre l’homosexualité. Que certains y cèdent, parfois les meilleurs, les concerne et non pas la communauté à laquelle ils appartiennent. Même si celle-ci a pour règle l’indulgence et le pardon des péchés.
But the accusations of paedophilia have another significance. Firstly since it is well known that male communities are subject to the ordinary, often definitive protection against homosexuality. The fact that some give in to it, often the best, concerns themselves and not the community to which they belong, even if they have, as a rule, indulgences and the forgiveness of sins.
Thus the current attacks against the Church aim first of all to discredit its party, which is inevitable if it is a consequence of its actions against abortion, surrogate pregnancies to come, transvestism, homosexuality, etc.
But also, and what is less evident, it aims to strike at sex itself which religion has turned into an major spiritual issue, whilst the current trend want to impose it like a sex toy.
It is true that playfulness occupies an increasing part of popular investments, but there remains no more than to cry out for bread, the decline of the City is not likely to be far away.
C. Melman
19 avril 2019 
Traduction en Anglais par Michael Plastow

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