Is victory promised to inbeciles?

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 17/04/2019
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Is victory promised to inbeciles?
You know what an imbecile is. It’s he who can’t count up to 1. Obviously there are many of them because you only have to occupy the field of the Other to be eaten up by a system that is the equal of real numbers, thus including those between zero and one, without being able to reach the limits and thus remaining ignorant of what 1 is. That allows us to reclaim—with battle cries and heroic beatings of the chest—the 1 other, which finally would enable us to found the society of brothers. This mental device has always existed and has never failed to fail, which does not prevent it from persevering. For we love the dramatic art of the revolt, which would be definitively comical if it did not cause blood to be shed, or didn’t cause people to be sent to the Gulags, and to send the valorous into a depressive state. Contestation has always been the sister of any affirmation and it’s not enough that she be idiotic [conne] for the contestation to be any less so. She even easily takes up a pose, because she is a contester [contestataire], because she’s worth nothing, no more than the loudmouths who bellow out their protests.
Vous savez ce qu’est un imbécile. C’est celui qui ne sait pas compter jusqu’à 1. Luckily psychoanalysts protected from such mistakes and would never be part of this grotesque scenario, except obviously if they are on the periphery of Freud or of Lacan. It’s true that there is still the temptation to be recognised as 1 contester, however being a trainee is much harder, you have to work instead of mailing oneself. Or else go and find your gibberish elsewhere.
So who are the mailers [maileurs] who will win? Because it so happens that the best [meilleurs], to our misfortune [malheur], are discreet. It’s true that they are not as advanced as me—a founder, apparently—in doing laps down the deep end of the pit.
And when, filthy, I emerge, it is in order to hear: “No original thought!” by the very one who wants to be original, since he doesn’t know what at-least-one means.
C. Melman
03 avril 2019
Traduction en Anglais par Michaël Plastow

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