MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 19/03/2019
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux
Sous dossier : En anglais


Clinicdick [La cliniquenique]
Within the framework of the improvements that are being made to the species, it is high time to found Clinicdick [cliniquenique]—this is, you will have understood, to put clinical practice on the examination couch.
It is well-known that psychiatric clinical practice reserves the title of symptom for that which goes against the phallic law. And yet—follow me closely—the latter which constitutes a symptom itself, in other words a way of sacrificing a quotient of jouissance, the symptomatology of “those” who have sought to save themselves the trouble of this, the patients, risk finding themselves caught up in it.
So between a fundamentally medical clinical practice, which sees the body but without the dick [nique], and a psychoanalysis that sees the dick but not the body, it is imperative for us to call for reconciliation: to be a clinicdickian [cliniqueniquicien]. The word is long and dysphonic, but well-formed and explicit.
The phallic law will be substituted for the law of language, which can only encourage the sexes to looks for suitable arrangements for avoiding the virhilarity that ends up with crying with stupidity and turning white with fear. We will be tossing all over the place.
P.S. When will there be a University Diploma [DU] in Clincdick?
With the risk, of course, that it will rapidly become an imaginary animal [dahu].
C. Melman
7 March 2019
Traduction en anglais par Michael Plastow

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