MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 04/02/2019
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Lacan and the double gens
Regarding the Jews, Lacan had one of those judgements that are called complex, like those that oscillate between the grasp of the semblant or of the real.
It is thus that he regretted not being born Jewish, amongst those whose fate is to be a people of letters, since it is the cult of the letter that he spent his time celebrating.
Then he thought that in civil society, the Jew is led to function as a double agent, on the secret service of his God when he is thought to believe in the public one, that of the City.
It began very early, with Joseph, then Moses, then Esther, et cetera.
In the Freudian treatment it would be the arrangement with this paternal instance in the Other and the supposed benevolence of his interpretations which, when they came to term, would give full access to jouissance, sexual specifically. This led to the impasse of wanting to stop there, Lacan noted, when it is This [Elle] that, together with the impossibility of the relation, makes the symptom. In other words the end of the Freudian treatment would be the return to the point of departure of what caused the neurosis, now accepted however, with all there is that is stuffed about sexuality, finally exhibited.
If the history of the analytic movement is peopled with the figures of double agents, it is no doubt because of this attempt to save the Father who is meant to be in the Other by showing that he does not lack the means or recipes, tricks in other words, in order to repair castration, and to send us to sleep.
C. Melman
30 January 2019
Traduction en anglais par Michael Plastow

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