What happened to execrable?

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 13/06/2018
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux


Our spirit of tolerance might give the impression that this category has disappeared; today there is nothing inadmissible, except for inelegance. The moral law has thus changed nature and the aesthetic has become its rule. Modern art cultivates it, creating an ideal out of what istrashy.

This promotion, which is transforming the towns, fields and seas into muck-raked expanses, nonetheless signifies that the category of the execrable is ever-present but has changed its object. This is the agency, which yesterday was the evacuator of the objecta, and is now committed to elimination. This is translated by the transformation of the cross-cap into an egg, and the Moebius strip into a two-sided strip: this is the support of segregation, each to his identical side, separated by a border from the neighbour on the other side, now a stranger. Infiltrators beware!

Storm warning moreover for the one whose office designated him as the representativeof this agency—after having been sacred, it is now filth that is unveiled from the Father—direct democracy substituting him for the compacityof the big brother. He is the executive agent of a power that wants your perfect gavage: dear mummy, thank you mummy, I love you mummy.

But if it is true that what is foreclosed from the symbolic returns in the real, which at dawn now is rising into the sky, it is the phallus, boosted with an eye: and finally, here we all are, beautiful, egalitarian, homos. We could ask Hugo Boss to style the uniform of the troops. 

Ch. Melman – 1stJune 2018


Translation : Michael Plastow

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