The morning after the party

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 09/05/2018


The members of our Association who attended the États Généreux have a question to put to themselves. The problems that were addressed: loss of energy of the group, the introduction of political ambitions, the redistribution of responsibilities associated with my wish to step back, difficulties of those from the provinces; did these come from a point of view that is specific to us or rather related to the petty passions that are part and parcel of the life of a group? Their future, as well as that of their discipline, depends on the answer they give.

It seemed to me that some had come like to a show, that of the birth of tragedy. But at its origin this tragedy did not allow the spectators to forget that they we themselves on the stage and that their destiny, if they paid attention to this, was being played out.

Alone, if they do not put in something of themselves.

Charles Melman - 7 May 2018


Translation : Michael Plastow

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