What I could say on 6 May

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 04/05/2018
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux


We are in the era of the dissolution of certainties and of identity crisis.

It is the moment chosen by some in our midst to invite the Association that is named Lacanian to change its referent or to break up: a pluralism of theories all as good as the others, and participation of other associations under its management.

This public invitation to shoot a bullet in your head does not seem to have provoked a great emotion, public notably.

On the other hand, for some it is the letter of the President, friendly as always nonetheless, that makes some quiver.

What is hiding behind all that? What does he want? Haven’t I already proven the reality of my engagement? Etc… Fuck!

In reality the only disturbing element of this reaction is the mistrust to which it gives testimony.

Certainly, there are dissatisfactions in any human group. But has the direction of ours ever lapsed in the execution of its task?

It is no doubt the latter that it is a question of reaffirming with the reengagement that is asked of each of us.

All the more so since I intend, at the right moment, to transfer the weight of my responsibility to all of my colleagues. Each one will have to contribute to the validation of his place through his work. At a colloquium of the École Freudienne de Parisin Strasbourg regarding the psychotherapies, the discussion raised the power exercised by Lacan that was considered exorbitant. I remarked that if the workers are exploited by a boss, we were all exploiting one single worker, living off his work, as if we were his bosses. That provoked laughter. See you soon.

Ch. Melman – 23 April 2018

[1]Power through his teaching, never dictatorial. And of which it is elementary to note that no-one is obliged to follow it. That is why, with us, one can go elsewhere.


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