Seen enough

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 25/04/2018
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux


When my analysis was terminated by common agreement, Lacan, at the doorstep invited me, “to come and see him when I wanted”.

It so happened that, without the need to reflect, I did nothing about it, so that when I encountered him one evening at a meeting, Lacan said to me, “You cannot see me anymore, then?”

This interpretation, through the effects of the object a, did not hold my attention. I continued to militate at the heart of the Freudian School of Paris, not so much through love of Lacan than through the cause that I served, and which to me seemed the most important of the century, as it still does.

But it's possible that it is my turn to be struck by the very curse of the object a, and by the l’assez vu or “seen enough” that it induces.

In one of his last seminars, Lacan says that his only mistake was to have been there. If I had no other regret, that would console me.

Charles Melman - 11th April 2018


Translation : Michael Plastow

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