The price of méconnaissance

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 13/03/2018
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux


Once again, the refusal of public opinion to take into account the data from psychoanalysis—offered to it on a plate furthermore—will be expensive.

The current cancellation of paternal authority in the family milieu does not take place without an excited resurgence in the national milieu, now that it is the relation to identity that is being put into question. The wave of migration to democratic Europe gives hope of electoral victory to the parties that have to be called by their name: national-socialists, and allows us to predict the return of catastrophes that nonetheless have been experienced all too harshly.

Freud would say that it is the victory of Thanantos, its revenge. But before coming to this precipitous conclusion, let us remark that the debate in public opinion is singularly lacking any other argument than that which sets against each other on the one hand the lovers of the fatherland, and on the other the adherents of a soulless globalisation, those who grow rich from this against those who remain in the same place and fade away. This is surely a question of an economic imbalance, to be corrected.

Once light has been shed upon this correction by the crazy nationalist passion, it can no longer be peacefully dealt with except by moral progress, which consists of taking the identical character of the reactions of identity in different groups, the same line of argument whatever the language happens to be, and whose vanity—the reduction of the species to the little national group—is only a defence against the utter disappropriation that is peculiar to it.

In effect, how can we manage to be in our own place when it is the Other that the subject inhabits?

Charles Melman - 04/03/2018

Translation : Michael Plastow

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