Opinion against spirit

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 05/03/2018
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux


The debate raised by the fate of immigrants in public opinion, and which oscillates between integration—preserving original customs within a tolerant communitarism—and assimilation—the renouncing of origins and adopting the new culture—is hopeless. It is in fact articulated around a relation to a Name-of-the-Father that leaves no choice between elation and betrayal. In both cases there results a displacement of the instance thus named, from the Real where it entertains an enigmatic representation, to reality where it takes on an obtuse countenance of those who are supposed to represent it. The induced generalised paranoia, authorised for all acts of violence upon the enemy, becomes the civil rule, while the fearful lower middle class dons the uniform of the national hero.

The return of this pitiful spectacle threatens a Europe disoriented by the waves of migrants.

How might psychoanalysis allow the voice of reason to be heard?

 (to be continued)

Ch. Melman, 22 February 2018


Translation : Michaël Plastow

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