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MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 05/02/2018
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux


The vagaries of channel-surfing allowed me to discover this political-variety programme, since now we need appetisers to sweeten politics. We will not be surprised then if the sweetener itself—just like Beppe Grillo in Italy—through the effect of familiarity, were elected.

In any case, there he is, yellow eyes and grey stubble, in order to sell the television chain that he created on the Internet and where, “everything will be there, trades and cooking included”, in order to sweeten Mélanchon.

The screen qualifies him as “psychoanalyst” although no one has ever discerned any psychoanalytic speech from the mouth of this preacher, flared out around the barrel of a Kalashnikov, but that must give him a stylish or inspired impression.

A few decades ago, he came to see me to inform me of his candidature in the Freudian School of Paris. His analyst—Conté—and his supervisor—Faladé—were favourable to this. (Later confronted with his mistake, Conté thought he had to withdraw from the world). For more than an hour, I tried to explain to the candidate that he was mistaken regarding his talents, and that he was cut out for the stage.

At the Directory meeting where the decision had to be made, I threw myself hopelessly in defence of the honour of the profession, cornering Lacan, in a stranglehold of family bonds, and my colleagues whose concern was to catch the prevailing winds, even if they were malodorous, also vowing myself to the already reheated revenge of the older brother. Presumptuously, I told myself bizarrely that I had to do it.

The memory would amuse me if the spectacle of this ageing buffoon did not sadden me in my heart of hearts.

What software programme is he the victim of, to rave on like that, to excuse for example the murders of Castro by those of his predecessor? Is that social progress?

Actually, I know his engram. If this hot-tempered man is bad, is it also that history was bad for his family. He knocks everyone out of his way, just like others knocked his family members out of the way. And this is the worst inheritance that criminals can leave.

Ch. M. 31 01 18


Translation : Michael Plastow

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