The author too many

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 10/10/2017
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux


The old Viennese that I was able to consult because they frequented those circles confirmed it to me: in town Freud was considered a despot with his pupils.

Lacan, for whom I can vouch that he never intervened in the directorship of the l'École Freudienne de Paris, (it had a board of directors for that purpose) was disparaged on the same grounds.

It is easy for us to verify nonetheless that he had no choice.

Through the effective lack of the instance, in the Other (following the example of the paternal instance) that would validate the regulation of psychoanalytic theory, in other words would guarantee a real for it, suitable to accommodate “the free choice” of a subject, it only remains, in order to affirm this, that the saying of an issuer, that can only be authorised from himself, an issuer whose writings necessarily have the value of saids, remains forgotten that he says, and receives his own message from the real that is singular to him, even if it means having a value, perhaps as universalisable.  

For Freud, the question was: what is a father? Impossible to resolve.

For Lacan: what is a woman? Impossible to resolve.

For his pupils “if they want to be Lacanian” the question is? And does it pertain to an impossible?

Ch. Melman - 4 October 2017


Translation : Michael Plastow

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