Incomplete Fez

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 13/03/2017
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux


The many colleagues returning from the study days on “the manufacturing of radicalism” seem to be of the opinion that they did not waste their time.
Two questions, at least, seem nonetheless to have been dodged.
The first concerns the general conditions of the manufacturing of fanaticism. Effectively, it is obvious that it did not wait for Islam in order to be born to manifest itself, and we have experienced some forms of nationalism—today called populism—which were, or are, no less agitated.
The general conditions of the different forms of rhetoric liable to transform nice people into agitated madmen are thus worth studying, before honing in upon the particularities of Islam.
The second question concerns the elaboration of a complaint that is humanistic, but imbued with a strong enough counter-rhetoric for the miserable captives to be disgusted themselves, with what?
Dounia Bouzar and Serge Hefez, at the end of some painstaking papers, conclude that the determining role for the recruitment to the Jihad is the communications room, at work then on the net.
It seems that we are not unable to answer these questions, under sufferance, as are young people abused by the marketing specialists who use sacred texts and seekers in a spot of bother as their marketing tools.
Ch. Melman
5th March 2017
Translation : Michaël Plastow

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