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Aren’t you an immigrant ? (Non publié)

MELMAN Charles
Date publication : 22/12/2017
Dossier : Traduction éditoriaux

One can be sensitive to the fact that the difficulty for the little immigrant is that of his relation to the name-of-the-father.

He is effectively in crisis because of the dislocation at work between that, ideal, of his origin, and the new reality that refutes it. But it is also because of the gaze that sheds light upon this reality and in which the only thing he has to offer, so it seems, is a task.

In any case, a conciliatory phallic referent, rendered real and for want of symbolisation, is missing.

The European constitution provides him with an unexpected complication, France seemingly reserving the extolling of his national past for marginal manifestations, sporting achievements for example, manifested by hesitations and uncertainties regarding what is taught in schools. Not being able to find it at home, this phallic referent that constitutes identity does not seem any more accessible through the acquisition of knowledge.

All that remains is for him to find a group of discards like himself, often mixed since it illustrates the general nature of paternal deficiency.

But the most surprising thing is that, thanks to the Internet, he can establish relationships that are unconcerned with the origins of the interlocutor. The goods thus shared will doubtlessly be more commercial than cultural or spiritual, but their principle is the overcoming of the parental prohibitions, wherever they come from?
What “thinker” could have imagined it?

Ch. Melman

12 XII 2017


Translation : Michael Plastow

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